universal-design.jpgCONGRATULATIONS to our OT Colleagues in Cork!

This is their amazing newly launched website – launched today on Universal Children’s Day, 20 November 2017.

The team in OSOT at UCC are passionate about play: play occupation, playspaces and enabling play for all children.

They have funding for the next six months to study Universal Design for parks and playgrounds: researching community spaces as sites for social inclusion for families and communities, for all children including those with disabilities.

The team includes Helen Lynch, Alice Moore, Claire Edwards and Linda Horgan

For further information about this project please visit: http://universaldesign.ie/News-events/News/NDA-Research-Promotion-Scheme-Universal-Design-2017-Award-of-Funding.html

Their website is: www.ucc.ie/en/ot

3 thoughts on “Universal Design: Community Parks and Playgrounds”

  1. Much needed – I was giving a talk to 60 Special Educational Needs Coordinators in our local district earlier this year ( all but about 6 of whom were from primary schools) and asked during our session for a show of hands of those who had, what they considered to be a “decent” playground, back at their school. Less than 6 hands were raised !! I had realized that a lot of playground space had been sold off but expected more than 6 hands to be raised!! It’s a real passion of mine and if the researchers are interested I would be happy to discuss with them who and how they might disseminate their findings to. Will take a look at website after my holiday !

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