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Watch the air hostess…

Wow, this is so powerful, honest and well written. I love the air hostesses analogy, I have used this idea myself when traveling but this blog post has helped me to see how it applies to parenting too. Our little ones look to us for cues as to how they should process big emotions when things get tricky for them. When we stay calm in the midst of their chaos we become a protective factor in their lives, the rock in their emotional storms.

“…What do we do when we’re afraid on an airplane? We look at the flight attendants. If they seem scared, we panic, too. If they seem calm, we stay calm. So what I’m telling you is that you are the flight attendant in this scenario, and you’ve been through enough turbulence to know you’ll all make it. Your kids are new to flying, so they’re going to look to you to see whether they’re okay. Your job right now is to stay calm, smile—and keep serving the freaking peanuts.” ….”

One of our toughest jobs as parents is to allow our kids to weather life’s storms. Of the many many things that we do for our children, staying calm and giving them reassurance when things are tricky can be one of the most valuable.

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