In 2004 Aviva Yochman, Shula Parush and Asher Ornoy summarised a lot of history about ADHD and Sensory Integration in a journal article; Responses of Preschool Children With and Without ADHD to Sensory Events in Daily Life


In 2010 Shelley Lane published a study that concluded that 54% of children with ADHD have sensory over-responsivity.  In 2014 Shimizu, Bueno and Miranda compared 37 children with and 37 children without ADHD using the Sensory Profile to see if there was any relationship between sensory processing difficulties and presenting behaviours in children with ADHD.

They compared the ADHD groups Sensory Profile scores to behavioural symptoms assessed using the Child Behaviour Check List and the Behavioural Teacher Rating Scale.

The study results suggest children with ADHD have more difficulties (than those without ADHD) processing and modulating sensory input. They also have more behavioural and emotional responses (11/14 sections and 6/9 factors). The Sensory Profile scores moderately negatively correlated with scores on the Child Behaviour Check List and the Behavioural Teacher Rating Scale.

Their study shows us that children with ADHD may present with sensory processing impairments, which are possibly contributing to inappropriate responses and that in future, we need to know more if we are using Ayres’ Sensory Integration to help and support young people with ADHD.

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