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The following goals have been established by the international community, in keeping with things that would have mattered to Dr. Ayres, aimed at achieving this vision:

1)     Promoting Scholarship in ASI: Dr. Ayres was committed to the scientific method in building her theory and ensuring ongoing evolution of this important work.

Goal: 100 papers that further the understanding and evidence for ASI, will be published in peer reviewed journals (start date January 2013) (must reference or be consistent with Ayres Sensory Integration)

2)     Ensuring Effective Intervention through Comprehensive Assessment in ASI: Dr. Ayres developed a highly valid and reliable methods for evaluating comprehensive sensory integrative functions that have stood the test of time. We value these tests and encourage ongoing training in their use, as well as in theory and practice in ASI.  However, there is a need for a valid and reliable set of tests of key sensory-motor functions that is accessible to therapists all over the world so that they can identify, understand and treat sensory integrative dysfunction.

Goal: a set of tests with demonstrated reliability and validity will be developed and internationally normed in 100 countries and made available at low or no cost.

3)     Facilitating ongoing development and implementation of ASI: Dr. Ayres mentored a generation of therapists, educators and researchers who have followed the road map she left for implementation of ASI.  It is time to ensure that leadership and pathways to excellence in the ASI approach are in place for future generations.

Goal: Sensory integration training that includes clearly defined pathways for demonstrating competency in ASI will be developed and available in 100 countries.

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