Occupational Therapists across the globe are increasingly using Ayres’ Sensory Integration in combination with other approaches to address trauma in both paediatric and adult clinical populations.

Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 10.45.11Jane Koomar’s work with children in this field is exemplary, developing the SAFE PLACE programme.┬áThe SAFE PLACE programme is a multi-disciplinary intervention approach to treating sensory integration, trauma and attachment concerns in children with sensory processing difficulties and complex trauma.

Read more here on OTAWatertown’s website about the programme.

In 2016 Teresa May-Benson summarised┬áDr Jane Koomar’s work and the SAFE PLACE programme in more detail in a white paper.

“Dr. Jane Koomar, an occupational therapist, in conjunction with psychologist Dr. Daniel Hughes, proposed a transdisciplinary model of collaboration among psychotherapist, occupational therapist, parent or caregiver and child to maximally meet the needs of children with sensory integration problems and complex trauma concerns including disrupted attachment. This model provides care across and within disciplines that is focused on the child-parent relationship. It is particularly concerned with the influence of the sensory, physical and emotional environment on that relationship. This ecological framework involves cross-training of professionals, through consultation, co-treatments, and education to provide each member with resources to facilitate sensory processing and self-regulation, trauma- healing and promote attachment within the boundaries of their skills and profession. The role of the mental health professional, occupational therapist or parent, level of collaboration and team coordination varies depending on the needs of the individual child.”

Teresa May Benson 20 May 2016 in a white paper “A Sensory Integration-Based Perspective to Trauma-Informed Care for Children”.

You can read the white paper here free here

Influence of Trauma & Attachment on Praxis in Children from ATTACh on Vimeo.