Helping Autistic Children Manage the School Christmas Play

Christmas time in school can be difficult for children with additional needs, changes in routine and new experiences can be hard to manage. Here is some advice from Its a Tink Thing with ideas for helping autistic children to be included in the Christmas play. How to help an autistic child to manage the school Christmas play

Play is essential – so is learning skills; surely it is as well as and not either or?

This post got shared in my news feed this morning – While I agree screen time is not great – the introduction and inferred definition of play are misleading! Especially in an age when playing with toys and stuff not academic or work related is often frowned on for slightly older children. Children everywhere need to play – to develop and learn, to build relationship…

Win and help to celebrate OT Week with ASI WISE

Send us your favourite reference or quote about Ayres’ Sensory Integration from a book, interview, lecture or journal article. We will publish these quotes over OT Week – celebrating ASI as a theory and practice with its history deeply rooted in Occupational Therapy’s clear focus on occupation; function and participation in everyday life. Your quote must be correctly referenced with author name, date and publication.…

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