ASI and Supporting Parents of Children With Autism: The Role of Occupational Therapy

“…When creating an intervention plan, occupational therapy practitioners evaluate children with autism using observation and parent and teacher reports and also interview parents about their child’s relationships and eating, self-care, and daily living skills…” Ayres Sensory Integration intervention is one of the most frequently requested and highly utilized interventions in autism. This intervention has specific requirements for therapist qualifications and the process of therapy. This…


Sensory Integration and Sleep

Kath and the team at ASI Wise have been working alongside Hunrosa to develop and deliver an online interactive education programme for parents and professionals about sleep. This programme complements face to face consultation and training delivered in the South West and further afield about sleep and self-regulation. More about Hunrosa Hunrosa is part of the British Sleep Society and is a member of the…

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