We have had many members ask questions about this new assessment that was presented at ESIC this year. It was available at ESIC on  pre-order through WPS, the company that also sells the SIPT Test.

The test is based on the Miller 2007 SPD “New Nosology”. UK normative data does not yet exist for this test, and the normative data collection is currently being undertaken in the USA.

Sensory Processing 3 Dimensions (SP3D) Assessment. The SP3D Assessment is an unpublished performance measure of sensory modulation, sensory-based motor disorder, and sensory discrimination disorder. It consists of activities similar to those encountered in daily life, specifically designed to elicit typical and atypical behavioral responses to sensation. The assessment provides structured opportunities and specific scoring criteria on which to base one’s determination of sensory processing status.

The activities on the assessment include those previously tested for reliability and Published by ScholarWorks at WMU, 2018 5 The Open Journal of Occupational Therapy, Vol. 6, Iss. 1 [2018], Art. 4 validity on the Sensory Overresponsivity scale (Schoen, Miller, & Green, 2008) as well as items that elicit sensory underresponsivity and sensory craving (Schoen et al., 2014) and new items tapping postural disorder, dyspraxia, and discrimination problems. Preliminary evidence supports the internal consistency reliability and discriminant validity of the scale as well as supporting the underlying structure of the behavioral scoring categories (Schoen et al., 2014).

taken from Schoen et al 2018

At ESIC 2019 held in Greece this year, Ros Urwin an ASI Wise Director attended the presentation about this new tool. She has shared her photos about the this new tool with the team at ASI Wise.

We have found these publications relating to the SP3D useful to help us know more about this new tool that we hope to try out later this year.


Introduction to this new test


Identification of Sensory Processing and Integration Symptom Clusters: A Preliminary Study


A Retrospective Pre-Post Treatment Study of Occupational Therapy Intervention for Children with Sensory Processing Challenges


Reliability Study

Photo’s taken by ASI WISE Director Ros Urwin, who attended ESIC 2019 as our representative.

Coming soon updates about other existing assessment tools and those being developed, including the EASI.

ASI WISE recommends that therapists still learn the SIPT – not to just have a tool to use – but to really to deepen their knowledge and learning about the sensory systems and patterns of difficulty seen across our clinical populations, from a tool with a robust history and evidence base. Read more here: Why learn the SIPT when the EASI is in development and about to be published, I don’t want to waste my money?