Once more we are being asked more about our programme and others, as well as accreditation of programmes teaching Ayres’ Sensory Integration.

ICEASI  is the International Council for Education in Ayres Sensory Integration (ICEASI),  providing global standards for education and practice of ASI.

Read more at www.iceasi.org when their page goes live after updates from Hong Kong 2019. In the interim, please email them with any enquiries about the accreditation of programmes teaching Ayres’ SI.

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see www.cl-asi.org/faq for this answer and more.

About the ASI Wise CLASI CASI (Certification in Ayres Sensory Integration).

These are countries where the CLASI Certification in Ayres’ Sensory Integration is currently offered.

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Question: If I do the ASI WISE CLASI CASI programme, do I call myself a Practitioner or Advanced Practitioner?