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Standardising the EASI (Evaluation of Ayres Sensory Integration): News from the North East EASI Team

In the North East we are collecting normative data for the EASI Project, part of the ASI 2020 Vision. This photo is from our first planning meeting about our contribution to standardising the EASI assessment.

The EASI has been developed by Zoe Mailloux, L. Dianne Parham and Susanne Smith Roley in the USA. Teams worldwide are assembling EASI test kits, learning how how to administer it and administering it to typically developing children so that it can be standardised.

We have learned a lot from other regions helping with the standardising of the EASI for the UK. At our meeting, 3 of our 4 testers met to plan what we needed to do;

  • We reviewed the tests and divided them up
  • We chose dates to practice all the tests together
  • We choose dates to complete our tests
  • We only need to test 15 children and have been delighted in all the interest in our region: therapists are volunteering to help out and parents are volunteering their children. If you would like to volunteer yourself or a child to participate, please search the EASI website or EASI FB page to get in touch.

Stay tuned to the EASI FB Page for more pictures and progress.

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