This is doing the rounds on some school groups what app groups. Thanks to one of our OT members, Claire for sharing.

If you are sending your kids back to school when they open… that’s great. They will be safe and happy with their friends and teachers and yes it will be a different experience but it will be so good for them. Learning in a classroom, socialisation, playing games and interacting, having the care and support of teachers. It’s wonderful if you’re sending your children back to school.

If you’re not sending your children back to school …. how amazing is that! Keeping your children at home with you so you can protect them and do your very best in teaching them, making more memories and playing games at home. You’re doing a great job!!

If you send your children to school as you’re a keyworker…. high five! You have kept this country going and that should be applauded  – your children have been safe and cared for at school and they have adapted so well. You’re incredible!!! Well done!!

Any other opinions are not likely to be valid.

It is not anyone’s concern what anyone else is doing regarding their own children’s schooling at this time.

Yes, by all means, shout about what you’re doing if you feel the need but stop making others feel bad with unnecessary comments

Be smarter & be supportive.

We are all doing the best we can and everyone has a completely different situation and circumstances.

Just think about the possible home life, work commitments and situations others may find themselves in or better still, don’t.

Do not judge someone else’s choices when you don’t know what choices they had to choose from.