We are very very excited to announce the launch of CLASI’s new online directory of therapists on their website at https://www.cl-asi.org/directory.

The directory features all participants who have completed the CLASI Certificate in ASI program.  Participants will have the ability to customise their online profile with their location, profession, social media links, and a profile picture.

The directory includes a map feature that is a fun visualisation of where in the world, CLASI trained therapists live and will allow website visitors to search for therapists near them. The directory allows website visitors to connect with therapists in their area safely without sharing any personal contact information such as email addresses.

Site visitors can select to connect with therapists listed on the directory, and the directory system will send a secure message directly to the therapist, asking if they would like to respond to the inquiry or not.

CLASI will email everyone who has completed the CLASI CASI with instructions on how to edit their online profile. CLASI will add new individuals to the database on an ongoing basis as original CLASI CASI certificates are awarded.

We hope you will find this directory useful, we are especially excited about the map. It’s so exciting to see CLASI therapists all over the world.

Please let CLASI know if you have any questions.

CLASI has created a resource to help individuals with the process. If you have completed M6, you will find this information on the M6 Learning Space and in the Intervention Tutor Group What’s App.

If you have completed your SI Education with another provider, you may be able to APEL your training, which for most UK and Ireland therapists typically means achieving M5 Online – Fidelity Rating. You can find out more here.