ASI Wise will be offering the Virtual Classroom model for M3 and M6 during COVID-19.

103520326_3321619061223637_2781506389476094081_nOur ASI Wise Lead Lecturers met up with CLASI Founders, Dr Susanne Smith Roley and Dr Zoe Mailloux last week to finalise plans for the delivery of M3 and M6 to UK and Irish therapists in 2020. We are excited to be able to offer both M3 the new M6 in a new online format. The modules will be taught in this way in countries across the globe until travel restrictions and social distancing ease.

We will be learning from CLASI lecturers, Dr Zoe Mailloux and Prof Roseann Schaaf who have been testing a new teaching format. CLASI have liaised with ICEASI to ensure the programme can continue during and post COVID and remain in line with the ICEASI standards of live, interactive, real-time tutoring and demonstration.

Join us live for virtual learning with discussions in real-time, practical exercises and break-out rooms with in-person tutoring. 

Ayres' Sensory Integration Module 6M6
Dr Susanne Smith Roley and Kath Smith demonstrate intervention principles during CLASI CASI Module 6.

Expert therapists from across the globe will be sharing intervention class studies on M6. Dr Susanne Smith Roley will be sharing the latest research and evidence, building on your learning about Fidelity in M5. 

For therapists working with teens, adults and older adults, we will be exploring the application of ASI with adult clinical populations including how to adapt assessment methods, assessment tools specific to adult clinical populations, the importance of praxis to recovery and engagement in the therapy process.

Break out spaces and post-module tutoring will allow those working secure and acute high-risk clinical settings to explore and consider how to provide intervention in these restricted environments.

Dates and final information will be emailed to all participants booked on the postponed ASI Wise M3 and M6 modules, as well as other modules scheduled for later in 2020.