The news on the BBC yesterday was hard to hear and read about.

‘Utter abandonment’ of special needs families during lockdown

However, here is timely news about a support programme for parents.

We will be delivering Parenting through the Senses from 3rd August 2020, realising the project’s ultimate vision to deliver this to parents across the UK and further afield, via telehealth.

Parenting through the Senses is a culmination of work done over many years to further develop this award-winning programme, which was initially run face to face in Cornwall and via Skype to those in rural areas.

Since then, with testing of the concept further afield and in a PhD Pilot Project, we have been able to adapt and adjust the programme to benefit from the improved technologies needed to ensure a cost-effective and efficient method of delivery.

We delayed the March launch of the project starting as EASI data collection was ending, freeing up our therapists time to support the launch, focussing instead on offering COVID support to help therapists continue to practice.

 In the meantime, join our Sensory at Home Chat and Support Space here.

We have some incredible therapists who have volunteered their time as our special guests. We will be letting you know more about who they are over the coming weeks – Please share this with parents and families.

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Parenting through the Senses Feedback – Malabar Children’s Centre Truro, UK 2008

The use of meaningful occupation to assist people who have difficulty in achieving a healthy and balanced lifestyle and to enable an inclusive society so that all people can participate to their potential in daily occupations of life.

Townsend et al (2007)

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