Sarah Chierico

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Sarah Chierico

Sarah Chierico M.Chem (Medicinal Chemistry with Spanish) and Student Occupational Therapist.

Sarah Chierico has 20 years’ worth of experience working with, recruiting, training and leading teams of volunteers in a variety of not for profit organisations. 

Sarah’s son has significant sensory difficulties and this has been a key driver in her personal and professional life as is apparent when you read all that she has achieved throughout her career. 

 Sarah co-founded, developed and managed one of the largest independent refugee charities in the country, ‘Asylum Link Merseyside’ (ALM), leading a team of staff and volunteers over a period of 15 years.  Sarah has worked with the Sensory Integration (SI) Community as a member of the Social Media team since 2015 developing her role as a representative on SI Network’s FB Pages and the Parent Closed Group. 

Sarah is currently employed as a community development worker by ADDvanced Solutions Community Network CIC, offering support and training for professionals and parents as part of Liverpool’s Neurodevelopmental diagnostic pathway. This work provides a range of learning opportunities for professionals, teachers and families living with differences integrating sensation/sensory experiences, ADHD and ASD.   

 Since 2015 Sarah has become a trainee lecturer on the SI Network Lecture Team, the first official parent lecturer,  she is extending her knowledge and experience on the Sensory Integration Network’s Master’s pathway. Her academic background evidenced by her previous degree is an asset to ASI WISE. Her past experience and knowledge of research and practice in medicinal chemistry, allows her to mindfully relate complex and in-depth science in a clear and practical way, making it easily accessible to others, translating and applying it to everyday life 

 Sarah is passionate about Sensory Integration, her development as an Occupational Therapist and the need for practitioners to increase their knowledge, understanding and skills to better support families with children with Neurodevelopmental conditions. She commands a level of respect, awe and admiration for her ability to assimilate and apply knowledge and learning, coupled with an energy, zest and drive while also managing her lovely family.