Sensory-Based Eating Difficulties Research

ARE YOU THE PARENT OF A CHILD BETWEEN THE AGES OF 4 and 12? We have received a request to help find research participants from a group of parents whose children experience issues with eating. They would like to know more about how eating is related to children’s emotional behaviour and sensory sensitivity. The group have worked in collaboration with Prof Jackie Blissett (Aston University)…

ADHD and Running – meaningful occupation for improved mental health.

We posted about exercise and ADHD – here is one man’s story. Documentary photographer Martin Eberlen was diagnosed with ADHD in his early 30s, he turned to running to help manage his condition. “Running helps me control my thoughts, it slows me down, and gives me the opportunity to focus on the things I need to focus on,” he says. Read more and see some…

Neuroplasticity Infographic

This beautiful and detailed infographic originally created by Alta Mira, San Francisco, is a great introduction to neuroplasticity you can see the infographic below and read more about it here

How Smartphones Affect Your Sleep

In this video, Dr Dan Siegel, clinical professor of psychiatry at the UCLA School of Medicine, explains how screens can impact on sleep

Free theme park tickets for children with disabilities

Merlin’s Magic wand is a worldwide charity which provides free theme park tickets to families of children with disabilities. These days out help families to take some time out of their often stressful lives to create magical memories. Read more and apply here  Due to the high demand, each family can only apply once. Applications must be made by either parents, guardians or registered organisations,…

UK changes in accessible parking for people with hidden disabilities.

Good news for families living with autism and other hidden disabilities in England as the government decides to extend blue badge criteria to include people with hidden disabilities. Read more here

Occupational Therapy and Trauma 2: Using meaningful occupation in the healing of trauma.

“It is so important not to be defined by tragedy,  to be shaped by it but never defined by it” Amanda Holden – Britains got Talent  How can meaningful occupation and occupational therapy be useful in healing and recovery from trauma? and why should occupational therapists be trauma-informed? This morning I was sent this video by a friend, I found it really powerful because not only is…

Promoting food acceptance through tactile exposure – Is there evidence for messy play?

Lots of little ones with sensory differences struggle with new textures. Let’s have a look at how and why can gentle exposure to new tactile experiences through messy play help kids to expand their eating choices?? This Jan 2018 – Evaluation of a pilot sensory play intervention to increase fruit acceptance in preschool children, by Coulthard, Williamson, Palfreyman and Lyttle. Study of 100 children in…

ASI WISE out and about in Northamptonshire

The ASI WISE team are out and about in Northamptonshire, sharing knowledge and skills about Ayres Sensory Integration with the mental health teams from Berrywood Hospital, part of Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.

A Weekend of Learning at Abbot’s Lea School, Liverpool – Using Sensory Strategies for Mental Health and wellbeing Weekend Workshop

The ASI Wise lecture team have been at Abbot’s Lea School in Liverpool this weekend with a fantastic group of committed and enthusiastic occupational therapists, speech and language therapists and teachers exploring the use of sensory strategies and Ayres’ Sensory Integration therapy to support children, young people and adults mental and wellbeing health.      Experiential learning opportunities, embedded into the course, help participants to understand their own sensory…

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