Evidence-Based Guidelines for Occupational Therapy Using Ayres Sensory Integration

ICEASI has recommended education standards for competency to practice Ayres Sensory Integration. AOTA have published an article, including the table below, in their publication OT Practice in 2017 discussing this in more detail. Sadly the full article is not accessible to those who are not AOTA members. This publication makes recommendations for international education standards for Ayres’ Sensory Integration Education. These standards were finalised at a meeting…

Where are all the books?

There are so many fantastic books available to those interested in finding out more about Ayres’ Sensory Integration, Check out our Facebook “book corner” photo album and some of our previous blog posts for some fantastic reviews of these books. Building Sensory Friendly Classrooms   The Body Keeps the score Superkids Activity Guide Self Regulation Interventions and Strategies and When my worries get too big  I…

Half Term Help!

Needing a bit of quiet time?  There is nothing like a new book for half term.  These two will also provide some activities to keep your kids engaged longer. For Big Kids:  The Superkids Activity Guide to Conquering Every Day by Dayna Abraham.  It’s promise?  To show you how to conquer your day like a rock star, every day! Contains: table of contents, superkids manifesto,…

Vestibular processing is altered in some children with ADHD.

Did you know that a study by an OT, Valeria Isaac, and her colleagues, has shown that some children with ADHD have measurable differences in how they process vestibular input? The study, which was carried out in Santiago, Chile was presented by Valeria at ESIC in Austria in 2017 and is entitled “Altered Cervical Vestibular-Evoked Myogenic Potential in Children with Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder” It was published last…

What is Occupational Therapy about?

Although not limited to Occupational Therapy using Ayres’ Sensory Integration, this great video about Occupational Therapy from AOTA is a great one to share, it makes clear the links between functional participation in daily life and therapy.

The Repair of Early Trauma: A Bottom Up Approach Suggested: The Window of Tolerance

Reminded again today on FB about this amazing animation from Beacon House – which fits so neatly with our practice of Ayres SI in combination with other techniques when we work with children, adolescents and adults with trauma. The window of tolerance fits neatly with many approaches used in mental health by SI Practitioners including Alert Program (aka Engine Run), Sensory Ladders, Sensory Attachment Intervention…

Research about sensory processing styles in adults

We had a great weekend thinking about how to support people with sensory integration difficulties . We talked about how we are all sensory beings, and how sensory preferences shape who we are, our hobbies and our careers…this article explores sensory processing and how this can impact attachment, coping and relationships. Read more here

The power of touch

Learning about the senses is critical to how we practice as sensory integration therapists – here is a great video to help remind us not just about why touch is vital to early development, but also, as Harlow showed us, why it is critical for survival.

The Reactive Leg Drop: a Simple and Novel Sensory-Motor Assessment to Predict Fall Risk in Older Individuals

The application of Ayres’ Sensory Integration beyond Childhood is something our Director’s Kath and Ros have pioneered and that we specialise in at Sensory Project, mentoring therapists working across the lifespan and at ASI-WISE, through our workshops and courses, including lecturing abroad. We are delighted to see the publication of this study (not ours!), and a possible new assessment tools for use with older adults. We…

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