Join our cornerstone Communities of Practice event; Coffee & Chat, on Wednesday evenings – Hosted by Catherine Morris, O.T

19h30 UK time (BST/GMT)
We have an exciting programme with regular speakers, case studies, discussion evenings, and time for chat and informal peer support. See our event programme in our Calendar
The Sensory Project – Providing much more than just learning on a workshop since 2005!

ASI Wise & the Sensory Project extend their sensory integration education offers via social learning. Communities of practice are a vital aspect of knowledge management, as they help preserve, develop and innovate the knowledge and skills associated with specific areas. They are committed to developing expertise in the communities’ respective fields and areas of practice, creating a learning environment that welcomes newcomers.

At ASI Wise we are passionate about supporting therapists in their learning and application into clinical practice. Our history speaks for itself as Kath Smith led some of the earliest local, and then online forums and Facebook facilitated groups for therapists and parents via the Sensory Project. Now these communities are part of our national organisation.