Welcome to this learning space where additional learning about the senses can support parents to help enhance their child’s development and participation in everyday life, playing to each child’s unique strengths and abilities. Most of us are strong in some senses and struggle more with others.

The space supports our live in person Zoom sessions for parents.

These special skills and abilities are often where our interests and talents lie. Think about the difference between a budding musician, with strong listening skills and some area of motor skills compared to the emerging scientist whose early interest is seen in the making of smelly potions. The rambling rock collector and computer whizz all have their own unique skills and talents.

For some young people, special challenges in sensory integration and processing interfere with everyday life more than is typical for other children. Neurodevelopmental differences can make learning harder if the child’s unique profile is not understood. Illness, disease, and trauma can interfere with sensory integration and processing and can impact development and learning.

However – the brain is plastic – it is able to develop and learn and so creating enriched learning opportunities and the just-right conditions for each child to be able to grow to their maximum potential is something we can do using the power of the senses. This online module is all about doing just that.

This learning is applicable to all children anywhere, though it may be more essential for some families where sensory integration and processing differences make life more tricky.

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children s team building on green grassland
Photo by Lukas on Pexels.com