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Deeply Rooted in Neuroscience

It’s now almost 5 years since I met the first occupational therapist who would treat our son and who would introduce us to the life-changing power of Ayres Sensory Integration Therapy. The words she said that day have stuck in my mind ever since…“I love this, and how it works because it is deeply rooted in neuroscience” Something in those words and in watching the changes in my son as he experienced therapy sparked a curiosity and interest in me to find out more.


Since then I have spent many hours reading, studying and reflecting on the importance of understanding the workings of our brains and nervous systems and how much this learning has changed our day to day lives. Whilst searching online I found the beautiful early hand-drawn images from Ramón y Cajal one of the first ever neuroscientists.



You can read more about  Santiago Ramón y Cajal, an artist, photographer, doctor, bodybuilder, scientist, chess player and publisher, the father of modern neuroscience. in this fascinating article from the New Your Times 

The images featured here which are taken from the article are – Pyramidal cells stained with the Golgi method by Ramón y Cajal, and Ramón y Cajal’s Purkinje neurons, illustrating their tree-like structure in great detail, like this one from the cerebellum.


Illustrations by Santiago Ramón y Cajal, the Spanish neuroscientist, from the book “The Beautiful Brain.” From left: A diagram suggesting how the eyes might transmit a unified picture of the world to the brain; a Purkinje neuron from the human cerebellum; and a diagram showing the flow of information through the hippocampus in the brain.


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