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Latest Update | Occupational Therapy | Evidence-based Interventions & Assessment Tools

Welcome M1 Online

M1 Online Info Block

Hello from the ASI WISE Lecture Team 

Technology Requirements

The IT Platform we use for our module tutoring is Zoom which is available on laptops, tablets and mobile phones. We recommend that you use a laptop or tablet. You do not need to have a paid for Zoom account to participate. We will send you a link that you will use to login to the lectures.

This link will be shared with you via this online Learning Space (see the Schedule section of this lesson) and your modules Telegram Group.

Please be aware that your M1 Telegram Group group is used to support anyone studying on your module’s cohort.

Your Learning Space contains all the information from CLASI via the EDvance website, that you need to participate in this module and materials are made available as the module progresses; with some materials being supplied before and during the modules at appropriate times. 

To progress from one lesson to another you will need to mark your lesson as COMPLETE. This can be found at the top of your screen when you are inside of a lesson.


You can find our Bookshop with reading recommendations for all our modules at:


General Questions

Please contact us for all other general questions via your module Telegram Group.

If you have any further, more personal questions and queries please email us at hello@asi-wise.org

Please note that the lecturers are all working therapists, so replies to emailed personal queries and questions may take up to 5 working days to receive a response. 

Other useful information to keep at hand:

  1. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) about the Modular Programme (ASI Wise CLASI CASI) course content and assessment – refer to CLASI https://www.cl-asi.org/casi and https://sensoryproject.org/faq-clasi-casi/
  2. General queries can be addressed to hello@asi-wise.org
  3. Should you have any specific learning difficulties (eg. Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Autism, visual impairment, auditory impairment or any other difficulty) please complete the learning needs form in the Learning Space.

We look forward to you joining us live for virtual discussions in real-time once a month on Zoom to answer any questions you might have while doing this module online.


The Team at ASI Wise 


Accessing EDVANCE360

ASI Wise and CLASI partner to deliver this training in the UK and Ireland.

Admin for all the CLASI Modules and Teaching for Module 1 Online,  and Modules 2, 4 and 5 are delivered via the CLASI Learning Space, which you will have received login details for via the email you gave us for using for your learning.

We may have asked you to provide a home email. We suggest that you use the same logins and passwords on both sites.

Please note this information below if you work in a large organisation:

Sometimes NHS email addresses and systems can be very sensitive to external emails and programmes.

Due to this sensitivity, we have provided advice for your NHS and IT Provider if you are struggling to get access to your learning materials in large organisations where spam filters and other organisation settings to protect data interfere with your access to what you need.  Access is typically easy to resolve once the right person can be found to make this happen.

We suggest logging a call to your IT department and share your login details for both learning spaces with them, so they can read these pages to help solve any access issues.

This will help them to understand what the problem is if you are having difficulty getting access to either space.

We have provided additional information for them to be able to help you get onboard the CLASI learning space. You can click on the picture below to go to the CLASI Learning Space.


You can click here too to Login to CLASI 

Advice for your IT Department re ED-VANCE

PLEASE CUT AND PASTE BELOW AND SHARE WITH YOUR LOCAL IT DEPARTMENT.  (We cannot do this liaison with your IT Department, as IT departments do not discuss access with outside organisations).
Many NHS Trust staff can get access to the learning materials, however, sometimes local settings, even on just your own device may prevent access.
1. Browser Issues
You should use Microsoft Edge and not Google Chrome or an internal browser to access the CLASI ED-VANCE system.

We would recommend clearing your cache and making sure you have cookies enabled.

The support team has also suggested doing the following to reset your Microsoft Edge settings:
1. Open Microsoft Edge on your Mac or PC and click the three dots in the top-right corner.
2. In the dropdown menu that opens, click “Settings.”
3. In the left sidebar, click the “Reset Settings” tab.
4. On the page that opens, click “Restore settings to their default values.” It should be the only option on the page.
5. A pop-up will appear, explaining which data will be deleted when you reset. To finish the process, click “Reset.”
Try logging in again once you’ve completed those steps and let me know if you still have problems!  If you do still experience issues, we would recommend trying to access the platform on a different web browser like Firefox.  Have you been trying to access the learning platform from a work computer or a personal computer?  It appears that many work computers block sites such as Dropbox which is what we use to upload all of the files in the “Resources” section of the module so that might be why you had trouble accessing the handouts.  If that’s the case, we would suggest accessing the learning platform from a personal computer.
Please do contact hello@asi-wise.org if you are having trouble accessing Dropbox. We have a temporary solution.

2. Other Access Issues:
If NHS employees are still having difficulty accessing the CLASI LMS from your work devices you could try to login via a personal computer, tablet or phone. If the issue is with NHS email addresses, we can gladly edit account emails to alternative addresses please notify us of this change via hello@asi-wise.org.  The ED-VANCE website CLASI uses does not have any security settings in place to block access for anyone.
Some people seem to have an issue with their company (i.e NHS) firewall that is preventing access to E360.
However, it could also be security settings on the company (i.e.NHS) devices preventing access.
There are so many variables that module delegates will need to ask their individual  IT departments to investigate for them.
Your IT department would have a better idea of security protocols in place that could be causing this.  In terms of other clients across the UK and Ireland, ED-VANCE has many clients including many NHS departments as well as hundreds of companies in dozens of countries and they don’t have issues accessing E360.

Here is a link to the library of edvance tutorial videos we have for learners: https://www.cl-asi.org/edvance360.  You can share this with your local IT department.