M1 Group and Individual Assignments

Please work on your group assignment using your Telegram Group and Google drive to share and prepare your presentations.

Task 1 | Group assignment completed during the Module

Neuro presentation-participants prepare and present on neurological structures and functions in small groups (described in more detail during the onsite course).

Please upload your group presentation into google drive with all links and additional supporting handouts/content for your fellow delegates supplied on a word document. These will then be shared out via the website learning space.

Task 2 | Individual Assignment completed after the module

Following M1, create and present an introductory 30-60-minute presentation e.g. in-service or lecture on ASI to a self-selected audience e.g. parents, teachers, community groups, etc.; share slide(s) in your group google drive and support each other in preparation via the small Telegram Tutor groups and this groups main Telegram group.



Use the Ulster University Referencing Guide – see below.


Referencing Guidelines | ASI Wise has adopted the Ulster University referencing standard for all assignments.


Motor Pathways

Trauma | Latest Update | Occupational Therapy | Evidence-based Interventions & Assessment Tools

LD | Latest Update | Occupational Therapy | Evidence-based Interventions & Assessment Tools Copy