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Understanding The Learning Space

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Latest Update | Occupational Therapy | Evidence-based Interventions & Assessment Tools

Accessing EDVANCE360

ASI Wise and CLASI partner to deliver this training in the UK and Ireland.

Module 1 Online,  and Modules 2, 4 and 5 are delivered via the CLASI Learning Space, which you will have received login details for via the email you gave us for using for your learning.

We may have asked you to provide a home email. We suggest that you use the same logins and passwords on both sites.

Please note this information below if you work in a large organisation:

Sometimes NHS email addresses and systems can be very sensitive to external emails and programmes.

Due to this sensitivity, we have provided advice for your NHS and IT Provider if you are struggling to get access to your learning materials in large organisations where spam filters and other organisation settings to protect data interfere with your access to what you need.  Access is typically easy to resolve once the right person can be found to make this happen.

We suggest logging a call to your IT department and share your login details for both learning spaces with them, so they can read these pages to help solve any access issues.

This will help them to understand what the problem is if you are having difficulty getting access to either space.

We have provided additional information for them to be able to help you get onboard the CLASI learning space. You can click on the picture below to go to the CLASI Learning Space.



You can click here too to Login to CLASI