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Welcome to this ASI Wise Community of Practice support space – hosted on the ASI Wise Learning Space (Learning Management System).

After the fantastic Coffee and Chat session on the 25th January 2021 we started to consider the Hume et al 2021 article as a way to guide discussion on the topic of ASI Evidence, where, it was a treat to have Teresa May-Benson share her passion about this subject with us. Her enthusiasm was infectious.Teresa’s May Benson’s clarity and eloquence on this subject, during the Coffee and Chat, was something we can all model and aspire to.

The discussion afterwards was certainly thought-provoking, with exciting planning to consider how we use social media to share the evidence with others. The result of these conversations is this, our brand-new resource; Ayres’ Sensory Integration | Sharing the ASI Evidence. This got us thinking, that as therapists (OT, PT and SLT) providing Ayres’ SI in the UK and Ireland, we need to be able to deliver a clear message about the current state of and emerging evidence about Ayres’ SI – to challenge others who say Ayres’ SI has no evidence or that it is inconclusive. 

And so that they can hear the stories and lived experience of families and service users who have received OT, PT or SLT that included or used Ayres’ SI and related sensory approaches grounded in Ayres’ theory of sensory integration.

Join us in The Headlines for the latest news; to listen to the recording of Coffee and Chat. Work together with us as part of Community of Practice to develop skills and resources to professionally, mindfully and with intention address the unhelpful messages being shared without reference to what evidence-based practice is and without consideration of recently published research and reviews.

Please do join in the sharing, add to the conversation and contribute your stories from clinical practice and home, articles, your comments and ideas.

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