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Continuing Professional Development

ASI WISEHello from the ASI WISE Team 

Continuing Professional Development

This AHP Resource space is part of our offer to help and support our therapist members undertaking the ASI Wise CLASI CASI to be actively involved in CPD with Peers, staying up to date and maintaining knowledge to support skills for practice.  As our ASI Wise Community of Practice has grown and developed, therapists have asked to have a place where they can find new developments in neuroscience that relate to Ayres’ Sensory Integration, remaining informed and current in their knowledge and understanding.

As part of this group, we also have a dedicated Telegram Group for you, where you can network and collaborate with peers who are fo have undertaken ASI Wise CLASI Certification in Ayres’ Sensory Integration. You can join this group here:



Coffee and Chat

Every week we hold regular Coffee and Chat sessions, where you can meet up with and discuss challenges related to practice and explore solutions with your peers. This is not clinical supervision, rather a peer learning and support forum. 




You can find our Bookshop with reading recommendations for anyone practising Ayres’ SI:



Please contact us for all other general questions via our other Telegram Group (see link above). You will need to download the telegram app from if you have not already done so, as you attended your module before we used Telegram.  This applies to all pre-Covid-19 Modules.

For questions related to modules please ask in the relevant Module Telegram Group (shared with you at the start of your module) or see the FAQ’s on the CLASI website

Questions that cannot be answered via the Telegram groups, in the first instance can be emailed to us at