Just a reminder to you that ASI Wise and CLASI work in partnership to deliver your ASI Wise CLASI CASI programme, so you will have access to two Learning Spaces, including this one,  with both organisations.

Please remember you may well have different emails and passwords for both of the online spaces in each of these organisations. We would recommend that for ease of access you might choose to use the same email and password for both accounts.

Some tips to help you get started and ready to go on M3:

  1. Remember to download Telegram (Telegram.org) and please only join the Group you will be studying with – you will be removed from any group you may join accidentally

  2. Should you have any specific learning difficulties (eg. Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Autism, visual impairment, auditory impairment or any other difficulty) please complete the learning needs form that is in the WELCOME! module

  3. Currently, CLASI lessons can’t be launched using the Google Chrome and Internet Explorer web browser. Participants will need to launch lessons from an alternative web browser such as Safari, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge. CLASI recommends using Microsoft Edge.

As ASI Wise and CLASI work in partnership to deliver this comprehensive programme, please use our helpful list below to know to whom to direct your questions in the first instance;

Useful Contacts:

    1. Struggling to log into an online CLASI module, forgotten password and assignment submissions, problem on the CLASI Ed-vance system (eg sound, video playback) please email Melissa at mcoleman@cl-asi.org and copy us in at admin@asi-wise.org

    2. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) about the Modular Programme (ASI Wise CLASI CASI) course content and assessment – refer to CLASI  https://www.cl-asi.org/casi and https://sensoryproject.org/faq-clasi-casi/

    3. General queries relating to bookings and starting modules can be addressed to hello@asi-wise.org

    4. Tutor Support is initially via the Telegram Spaces you will join for each set of modules:

      1. Theory and Neuroscience [M1]

      2. Assessment [M2 – M3]

      3. Intervention [M5 – M6]