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Research Update| Muting, filtering and transforming space

In this 2022 article; “Muting, filtering and transforming space: Autistic children’s sensory ‘tactics’ for navigating mainstream school space following the transition to secondary school.”, the take-home messages are:

There are sensory challenges in mainstream school environments for ASD children.

Working with young people post-transition to secondary school has highlighted these challenges.

Sensory challenges exist across the school environment: Classrooms, lunch halls, playgrounds and even corridors can feel overwhelming.

Muting, filtering and transforming space ‘tactics’ are ways that young people deal with feelings of sensory overload.

Teachers, parents and therapists can use this understanding of these sensory tactics to support the design of more inclusive school spaces.

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Research Update: EASI

EASI Praxis Tests: Age Trends and Internal Consistency

This is what AOTA says:

What This Article Adds: Occupational therapists administering EASI Praxis tests can have confidence that they consistently measure praxis ability and are sensitive to developmental changes across ages 6 to 12 yr. The results suggest that praxis continues to develop into early adolescence, and adolescents may benefit from assessment and intervention targeting praxis ability.

Importance: Ayres Sensory Integration® is an evidence-based practice that requires a comprehensive assessment before intervention. The Evaluation in Ayres Sensory Integration (EASI) is intended for this purpose, and psychometric data are needed to determine its validity and reliability.

Objective: To evaluate the internal consistency of four EASI Praxis tests and their validity as developmental measures.

Design: Cross-sectional developmental design.

Setting: Participants’ homes.

Participants: Typically developing children and young adolescents, ages 6 to 12 yr (N = 234).

Outcomes and Measures: We analyzed four EASI Praxis tests using Cronbach’s α, Pearson correlation coefficients, and one-way analysis of variance to explore internal consistency and developmental trends.

Results: The findings indicate moderate to high internal consistency for all tests. Significant correlations between age and praxis scores indicate that the EASI Praxis tests are sensitive to developmental changes.

Conclusions and Relevance: Occupational therapists can have confidence in the internal consistency and sensitivity to developmental changes of these praxis scores through early adolescence.

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Coffee and Chat | Sensory Integration, ARFID and Travel

FREE| Wednesday 2 March 7.30 pm GMT

Book Here:

Dr Yana Wengel is an associate professor at Hainan University. Yana takes a critical approach to tourism studies; her interests include volunteer tourism, tourism in developing economies and nature-based tourism. Her dissertation examined the social construction of host-guest experiences in volunteer farm tourism. Her current projects are focused on nature-based tourism and leisure and travel experiences of patients with an eating disorder. Yana is interested in creative methodologies for data collection and stakeholder engagement. She is a co-founder of the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® research community.



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Addressing Sensory Based Toileting Issues

Wise plus

Wise plus
Addressing Sensory Based Toileting Issues | Live on Zoom
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Happy New Year

Wishing family, friends, colleagues, and those we meet up with and support here and across the globe a very peaceful 2022.