Skills for Practice

Join our Community of Practice. ASI Wise and the Sensory Project have a vibrant active regional community of practice, supporting primarily therapists, but also other health, education and social care professionals interested in sensory integration and processing.

ASI Wise and the Sensory Project have created active online regional and specialist forums for sharing of ideas, knowledge and skills. During Covid-19 the team  further developed these platforms to support people and families living with sensory integration and processing difficulties exacerbated by lockdown restrictions and reduced access to sensory and movement rich activities, so essential for maintaining health and well-being.

ASI Wise and the Sensory Project have strong links with the Ayres’ Sensory Integration International Community. Our Directors have been active and valued members of this active community that includes Ayres’ original students, now published researchers, academic leaders and expert clinicians developing and supporting the science and art of practice of Ayres’ Sensory integration.

You can read more about international initiatives here: