2 day Introduction to the Theory and Neuroscience of Ayres’ SI | 2019 (2nd – 3rd December)


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@MBB Connections, Cornwall, 2nd – 3rd December 2019

This is an excellent course, one of the best I’ve been on!”

“That it is 100% worth attending if you want to develop skills and knowledge in this area of practice”

“It is a good introduction to sensory integration and you will be able to be more aware of clients sensory preferences and how you can accommodate them during interventions.”

By request, we are offering our 2-day hands-on practical introduction or refresher focussing on the neuroscience and theory of Ayres’ Sensory Integration including current terminology;  an introduction to the EASI, Data-Driven Decision Making and the Fidelity Tool. This intensive 2-day Masterclass is suitable for professionals wanting to update their knowledge about Ayres SI; OT’s PT’s, SALT’s, Teachers, Social Workers and Educational and Clinical Psychologists etc. We will consider recent supporting neuroscience and research, and the implications for clinical practice and education.

This 2-day workshop will also provide a practical introduction for those starting the ASI WISE/CLASI Module 1 Online*. The workshop will include practical learning supported by research-based evidence to provide a solid foundation to those interested in starting to learn about Ayres’ Sensory Integration.

Recommended reading before attending the workshop includes Ayres (2005) Sensory Integration and the Child, available through http://www.wpspublish.org and Amazon.
The workshop price includes light lunch and refreshments throughout the day.

*ASI WISE is working with world leaders in Ayres Sensory Integration; Susanne Smith Roley and Zoe Mailloux of CLASI to develop a range of courses to meet the learning needs of UK and Ireland therapists.

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