ASI Skills for Practice | in Mental Health and for Trauma – 13th and 14th March 2020 – Truro Cornwall


For in-house courses please contact us via Prices range from  £85 – £120 per head depending on delegate numbers and learning needs/outcomes including post-workshop support.


Amazing workshop”

“Kath is a very effective trainer. She is able to explain complex concepts is a clear understandable way and relate this to occupation and current research. Her courses are well presented and very enjoyable. She uses case studies to help understanding very well.”

“The lecturers experience makes the course suitable for teams from schools, hospitals and therapy teams.”

“The case studies are fantastic and illustrate so clearly how to do this in practice.”

“What did I like most about Kath’s training? Everything! It was all relevant to my work. I am so excited about returning to work with a bucket full of new strategies and a different perspective on people’s behaviours and communications. Thank you, Jennifer OT”

“It was wonderful, would trave down anytime to do it again!”

“The experience learning with others from different professions and stages of learning made it an incredible two days – the lecturers were passionate and ensured there was learning for everyone!”

“Loved the group work and practical hands-on sessions, can’t wait for the next course from the team at ASI-WISE”

“The workshop was with taught by expert lecturers and experienced clinicians and included lots of practical activities to introduce the theory and neuroscience of Ayres’ Sensory Integration. We explored trauma and its impact on development and learning of skills needed for daily life – body awareness and movement, emotions and self-regulation, cognitive skills and communication. It was good to hear about the evidence from emerging research. This will inform our plans to support those with trauma better, developing and providing trauma-informed care across the lifespan in mental health services in our area.”

Our in-house workshops for health, social care and special education professionals will provide an opportunity to develop individualised sensory strategies using personalised Sensory Ladders to understand and support communication and self-regulation.

Over two days you will explore using the theory of Sensory Integration to understand and analyse behaviours that can be challenging to health and social care professionals and care teams. Across 2 days participants will explore and consider how sensory integration difficulties may contribute to the person’s presentations and difficulties participating in everyday life:
  • The links between sensory integration, development and wellbeing;
  • How sensory integration underpins and is essential to occupation, function and participation in daily life, within this client population
  • What are the different reasons for referral?
  • How might sensory difficulties present in different clinical contexts and across different diagnoses
  • How clinical commissioning and service pathways might influence service delivery.

Video and real case studies will be used to enhance understanding and demonstrate application within adolescent, adult and older adults mental health and learning disability services. The effect of trauma and early deprivation will be considered, with evidence from current neuroscience.

By the end of the workshop you will be able to:

  • Describe the theory of Ayres’ Sensory Integration and its application for managing behaviours that challenge.
  • Describe and reformulate behaviours using a range of tools including chain analysis.
  • Incorporate cognitive and behavioural strategies alongside sensory integration theory to develop personalised Sensory Ladders.
  • Develop individualised sensory strategies informed by chain analysis and other tools.
  • Implement sensory-integration informed strategies and sensory approaches to enhance communication, support self-regulation; facilitating participation in everyday life.

Prices range from  £85 – £120 per head depending on delegate numbers and learning needs/outcomes including post-workshop support.

  • Lecturer’s travel/accommodation expenses are included in the above prices.
  • Online Course handouts and access to other online learning and clinical resources are included in the course fee.
  • Course attendance gives delegates membership and access to online resources and updates of the organisation for 2 years.
  • CPD Certificates including learning hours will be issued to each participant on completion of our workshops and courses.
  • Please note – not included:
  • Venue, catering, provision of multimedia equipment and marketing for the workshop or course will be planned, provided and organised by the local hosting NHS Trust.
  • Where you wish to sell places to outside your organisation, ASI Wise will advertise these via our database and social media sites, and a 25% increase in the fee of any external places sold will be applied.

Please contact us with any queries about this offer, we are able to adapt and adjust the learning outcomes for your organisation’s needs. We can raise an invoice on receipt of your NHS Trust or employers purchase order.

Our bespoke workshops are also suitable for those working with people with all levels of cognitive ability including for people with Autism, Sensory Integration Difficulties, ADHD and Dyspraxia. Contact us for more details:

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