Ayres’ Skills for Practice | Mental Health and Wellbeing | 03-2023 | Spring | SP-MH1 (FULL)


13, 20, 27 March 2023

08h30 Coffee, Log In and Tech Check for 09h00 Start

17h00 Finish

ASI-Wise’s workshops and modular programme have provided invaluable, accessible advanced sensory integration training for our mental health inpatient occupational therapists. The flexible training approach, delivered by the most knowledgeable and passionate trainers you could wish for, alongside access to expert and peer community support, both during, and in-between modules, has made for a happy and effective learning experience.

Many thanks to ASI-Wise who have supported us throughout our whole sensory journey, starting from basic overview workshops, to hopefully achieving the full Master’s certification in Advancing Practice in the near future; confirming sensory assessment and intervention as a core provision within our mental health inpatient services. Read more here

Beth White Clinical Lead for Berrywood Inpatient Services Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy (adult and older peoples’ services) Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust  

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Our team has a long history teaching the application of Sensory Integration in mental health and the workshop includes access to a range of resources to support self-regulation including the use of Sensory Ladders across the Life-Span (part of the award-winning Parenting Through the Senses Programme) and published in Brown, Shankar and Smith  2009. Our online workshop is presented by one of our international leaders and innovators in the practical application of Ayres SI in Mental Health. Our team are published clinicians and are research active has a 20-year history teaching  Ayres SI for clients of all ages with mental health difficulties, neurodiversity and learning disabilities. The workshop will explore the application across the lifespan, with an emphasis on the use and practice of Ayres’ Sensory Integration in and beyond childhood; with young people, adolescents, adults and older adults. The workshop is about mental health and wellbeing for all. Video and real case studies will be used to introduce and enhance understanding and demonstrate the application of Ayres’ Sensory Integration within mental health, learning disability and other services. This will include a focus on the links to occupation and meaningful participation in everyday life. Clinical examples and outcomes will be explored, including PRN meds, DSH, TMAV; exploring ways to reduce the use of seclusion and other restrictive practices. Early development, the effect of trauma and early deprivation will also be considered, with evidence from current neuroscience. Participants will explore and consider;

  • the links between sensory integration, development and wellbeing;
  • how sensory integration underpins and is essential to occupation, function and participation in daily life, within this client population;
  • different reasons for referral and implications for practice?
  • How sensory difficulties may present in various clinical contexts and across different diagnoses – with reference to current research and evidence.
  • The importance of psycho-education and how sensory integration approaches can be used in combination with traditional psychological approaches, including CBT/DBT etc.
  • ways to educate and influence others in the multidisciplinary team to drive service delivery and re-design; with reference to national and international healthcare delivery directives
  • different care pathways and models of service delivery,  as part of service development and clinical commissioning

Our Lead Lecturers are Kath Smith and Ros Urwin, who have been instrumental in the development of the clinical practice and application of Ayres’ Sensory Integration beyond childhood in the UK and Ireland. Lecturers will also include invited guests from across the UK and Ireland, and further afield, who practice Ayres’ Sensory Integration across the lifespan.

Thank you so much for imparting all your skills and experience. Your passion definitely comes across!! I really enjoyed this course. I found it interesting and enlightening, and it has made me re-examine my clinical reasoning. Thank you. Loved it. It’s changed my practice, and will make me a more holistic practitioner I found the case study videos extremely interesting as they demonstrated clearly how people had been affected by their sensory challenges and how they can be supported to manage these effectively. Inspirational dedication which would be groundbreaking on a world-wide level if the information can be spread at that level. The videos of case studies were amazing and touching and may make people realise that there is a reason behind certain actions and behaviour that may not be seen as the “norm”

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This workshop is the precursor for our Ayres’ Skills for Practice | Trauma Workshop

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