M3 | Live and Interactive Online Assessment Tools includes EASI | 2022 Autumn (FULL)


This module is provided live and interactive via Zoom and the Autumn Term 2022  dates are

Block 1: 7th & 10th October 2022

Block 2: 14th October & 17th October 2022

4 days live and interactive via Zoom Please note this in the non-Masters route. We offer both routes to accommodate those who already have a pre-reg Masters or post-grad Masters. For more information on how to complete this learning with Master’s accreditation please visit https://sensoryproject.org/msc-advancing-practice/ PLEASE NOTE: If you book this module after 1 AUGUST 2021 and later wish to register with credits for the Ulster University MSc Advancing Practice,  additional APEL and ASI Wise module fees will be payable in lieu of the difference.  You will also be required to complete all ‘missing’ assignments. The fee payable will be calculated by subtracting the price you paid for M1 online from the price for registration on the UUSI1 module at the time of booking.  

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4 days ASI WISE/CLASI Module 3* provides live interactive demonstration via telehealthcare technology for real practical hands-on learning, practice and review of all aspects of sensory integration and praxis with a variety of assessments that were introduced in module 2; the EASI and the SIPT will be demonstrated and explored. During the live online module 3, participants will have an opportunity to clarify any questions they have about the information presented during M2 instruction, practice assessment administration and scoring with peers and, when possible given Covid-19 restrictions, practice the assessments with clients with live in real-time face to face tutored support. Module price includes dedicated tutoring in a peer group in our online virtual classroom space, where you will discuss and deepen your learning with your peers. *ASI WISE is working with guidance from world leaders in Ayres Sensory Integration at ICEASI; Susanne Smith Roley and Zoe Mailloux of CLASI to develop a range of courses to meet the learning needs of UK and Ireland therapists during Covid-19.

Go for it! Don’t think twice! Very valuable information taught by the best professionals”. MR, Lecturer in Occupational Therapy “You won’t regret it. It’s quite honestly the most relevant, beneficial course I’ve ever been on. The team, teaching and the course format works.” AM, Physiotherapist “Hard work! Intense week of study! But worth it…supporting development of skills and understanding of sensory integration therapy and assessment …and implications to everyday life.”   Neurophysiotherapist “If you like the opportunity the practice and share ideas with other people this is the course for you!” Anon OT

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Our ASI Wise Lead Lecturers met up with CLASI Founders, Dr Susanne Smith Roley and Dr Zoe Mailloux last week to finalise plans for the delivery of M3 and M6 to UK and Irish therapists in 2020 and 2021. We are excited to be able to offer both M3 the new M6 in a new online format. The modules will be taught in this way in countries across the globe until travel restrictions and social distancing ease.  Zoom is available on laptops, tablets and mobile phones, however, we would recommend that you use a laptop or PC to see the details of the tools we will be demonstrating live during the module.  We will use the inbuilt camera in your computer or phone to allow us to share and see each other in practical activities, in the break-out rooms and during discussions. The module will run from 9 am to 5 pm, however, this time will include comfort and screen breaks, movement activities and tea/coffee breaks and lunchtime. The timetable and learning materials will be sent to you before the module begins.   It will be assumed that you have access to all M2 teaching materials covered in M2 available to support your M3 learning, including the EASI Manual, printed or online, with EASI Assessment forms including the FLIQ in print form.  We are learning from CLASI lecturers, Dr Zoe Mailloux and Prof Roseann Schaaf who have been testing a new teaching format. CLASI have liaised with ICEASI to ensure the programme can continue during and post COVID and remain in line with the ICEASI standards of live, interactive, real-time tutoring and demonstration. We have created a Modules Online FAQ page that will answer many of your questions, alternatively please bring your  If you have any further more personal questions and queries please email us via Contact us Please note that the lecturers are all working therapists, so replies to emailed personal queries and questions may take up to 5 working days to receive a response. We look forward to you joining us live for virtual learning with discussions in real-time, practical exercises and break-out rooms with in-person tutoring.  

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