Sensory Sleep | Online Webinar | 11, 18 June and 2 July 2020 @ 7.30 – 8.30 pm BST (UK Time) | 3 Nights for £40




Sensory Sleep | Online Webinar | 11, 18 June and 2 July 2020 from 7.30 pm – 8.30 pm BST (UK TIme) 

This online webinar is suitable for parents and others will take place over 3 sessions. The first 2 sessions will offer an introduction to the senses and sleep. Taught by Occupational Therapists with expertise in Sensory Integration and nationally recognised Sleep Consultants, the course offers delegates a way to explore their child sleep habits and to consider sensory and other strategies that may help improve bedtimes and sleep through the night.

Join our teams from ASI Wise and Hunrosa, who will help you understand the science of sleep and the senses, and then provide you with ways to analyse and think about your child’s sleep patterns. You will learn to use a sleep diary and capture information about what is helping your child sleep and what may be keeping them awake.

You will be supported to consider how your child’s unique sensory profile and what they do in the day may be impacting on their sleep. After submitting your sleep diary to the team, you will join us for a final session exploring strategies to support sleep, as part of a group of parents with similar experiences. As well as considering strategies, you will learn about the research that underpins the expert recommendations and ideas that the team will share with you.