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When Continued Professional Development becomes something more: Research for Ayres’ Sensory Integration

As Healthcare Professionals, lifelong learning and continued professional development is what we signed up for. We likely look through journals, keep reflective diaries, go on courses and may even attend conferences and congresses. Some of us have even found themselves presenting at those congresses or submitting abstracts for academic posters or taking post graduate qualifications.

For some of us, this gradual dipping our toes into CPD leads to us suddenly being afloat in academic work or workplace projects that have become research before we know it. Even those of us who have deliberately chosen a path of further certification or research may suddenly find that they do feel a bit adrift. We wonder how others are designing research questions, or choosing outcome measures, or finding grants to apply for, or improving their practice.

If you are lucky, you are part of a journal club or a supportive team, or you have a helpful supervisor or mentor that you can share ideas with. You may have found networks of professional that encourage you from education or other healthcare fields.

Regardless of where you are on the journey doing research about Ayres’ Sensory Integration, join our research network for therapists in the UK and Ireland practicing Ayres’ Sensory Integration and let’s support each other in our endeavours.




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