Sensory Babies Course

Join Occupational Therapy Practitioner Lecturers, Emily Hills and Lindsay Hardy on their next Sensory Babies workshop, to be held in London in September 2018. This three-day course focuses on the role of sensory processing in early childhood development, behaviours associated with changed sensory processing and the use of sensory strategies to promote development. It should not be missed.

  • Date: 17-19th September 2018
  • Venue: St Alban’s Centre, Leigh Place, Baldwin’s Gardens, London EC1N 7AB

The course is designed for:

  • occupational therapists,
  • physiotherapists
  • speech and language therapists
  • early educators working in the neonatal unit and in early intervention.

Sensory BabiesThe course offers practical strategies for working with babies and their families in the neonatal unit and during the first two years of life.  Participants develop an understanding of:

  • Sensory development – sequential development from conception to 2 years (1001 critical days)
  • Behavioural cues and the language of the newborn
  • co-regulation leading to self-regulation and the impact on development
  • The theory of attachment and attunement and how this affects development
  • To explore baby occupations through the senses: eat, sleep and play
  • To discuss causes for atypical development both environmental and neurological from a sensory perspective.

Video, demonstration and case examples will be used throughout the course.

Please message the Sensory Babies Team for further information and to book via

The team at Sensory Babies also lecture and teach abroad, please contact us at the email address above for courses in your country.