Novak’s paper “Effectiveness of paediatric occupational therapy for children with disabilities: A systematic review” suggests Ayres’ Sensory Integration is a red light intervention.

Ref: Iona Novak PhD, MSc (Hons), BAppSc Ingrid Honan PhD, BPysch(Hons) First published: 10 April 2019.

This paper is increasingly being used by local authorities to justify why Ayres’ Sensory Integration Therapy lacks evidence and therefore should not be funded.

As an organisation promoting the application of Ayres’ Sensory Integration as part of clinical practice, ASI Wise would support recent studies and literature that recognises Ayres’ Sensory Integration as evidence-based and relevant in many areas of clinical practice, as described by Schaaf at ISIC 2018.

Active, individually-tailored, sensory-motor activities contextualised in play at the just right challenge that target adaptive responses for participation in activities and tasks.” 

There are many arguments that can be made as a rebuttal to this paper by Novak. We are establishing a working group to respond and reply to this paper, providing therapists in the UK and Ireland with a formal response to share with parents, educators and local authorities.

To register your interest in this online webinar, to be held next Monday 30 September 2019, 2019 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM BST please follow this link:


Ayres Sensory Integration (Wales, Ireland, Scotland & England)