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ASI Wise CLASI Certification in Ayres’ Sensory Integration with post-graduate Master’s accreditation via Ulster University towards an MSc in Advancing Practice Sensory Integration.

ASI Wise offers 2 routes to OT’s, PT’s and SLT’s choosing to learn Ayres’ Sensory – for the CLASI CASI Certification without Master Accreditation please click here.

  • ASI1 | OTH817 | Ayres Sensory Integration and Theory and Neuroscience
  • ASI2 | OTH818 | Comprehensive Assessment in Ayres Sensory Integration [including for clients across the Lifespan]
  • ASI3 | OTH819 | Evidenced Based ASI Intervention [including for clients across the Lifespan]
  • Completion of 2 Research Modules and a Dissertation will complete your MSc Advancing Practice Sensory Integration.
  • Alternative exit awards available on registration for your final module:
    • MSc Advancing Practice (Occupational Therapy)
    • MSc Advancing Practice (Physiotherapy)
    • MSc Advancing Practice (Speech & Language Therapy)

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The latest advancements in neuroscience support the application of the theory of sensory integration as an approach for children, adolescents, adults, and older adults. This module will provide the therapists with a theoretical basis for the application of the theory of sensory integration for clinical practice. 

The focus of the first module will be on the theory of sensory integration, the central nervous system, the neuroscience of sensory systems, modulation, praxis, and the principles of evaluation and intervention in sensory integration. This online module provides in-depth lectures accompanied by supplemental videos and assignments to enhance your experience. 

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