ASI WISE | Ayres' Sensory Integration [Wales - Ireland - Scotland - England]

ASI Wise is a not for profit providing the only internationally accredited education in Ayres’ Sensory Integration in UK and Ireland.

The ASI Wise CL-ASI Certification in Ayres’ SI ensures occupational therapists, physiotherapists and speech and language therapists have skills for practice in line with ICEASI standards for education in Ayres’ SI. This includes hands on learning about the constructs of Ayres’ SI. Learn about how to use the SIPT and the EASI as part of comprehensive assessment in Ayres’ SI.

ASI Wise is committed to sharing knowledge and expertise, with integrity, to enable quality in practice, for practice, for successful participation in everyday life. 


We deliver expert and quality education that promotes and supports therapists, mentoring practice, facilitating early enquiry, including growing and inspiring research skills from novice to expert to inform theory and practise of Ayres’ Sensory Integration. 
The ASI WISE Directors are all Occupational Therapists with post-graduate education in and experience of using Ayres’ SI in clinical practice. They are all recognised CL-ASI Instructors
Directors, Mandy Adamson, Kath Smith and Ros Urwin have led development and research in the assessment, practice and efficacy of Ayres Sensory Integration, with particular expertise as world leaders in the application of Ayres Sensory Integration beyond childhood. 
They have worked together since 2005, developing new affordable ways to teach Ayres Sensory Integration to meet the needs of practising therapists.
In 2020 they created and launched a vibrant and dynamic community of practice, which meets weekly via regular Wednesday evening Coffee and Chat sessions.
Our wider team supports our social media media sites, peer learning spaces and research projects includes therapists, expert parents, carers, young people and adults with a lived experience of sensory integration difficulties. 
Their passion for their roles was clear during the early hours and days of COVID-19. 
This dedicated and committed team dug deep to find the time and extraordinary energy, creating social media spaces to support anyone struggling with sensory integration challenges, manage the chaos and confusion of lockdown
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ASI WISE CLASI Certification in Ayres' SI
Coffee and Chat - live and interactive on Zoom
Supporting Parents via Telehealth & Social Media

The ASI Wise Team were perfectly placed to be responsive to therapists needs during COVID-19. We offered one of the first webinars about the use of technology in practice; guiding and supporting therapists to translate and innovate – shaping best practice and use of technology in the Spring. Our tutor team is drawn from practising therapists who are working towards the ICEASI instructor standards. 


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Are you a therapist, teacher, solicitor, parent or commissioner? Are you a tribunal judge or researcher. Join us today to read about the emerging evidence for Ayres’ Sensory Integration?