ASI WISE | Ayres’ Sensory Integration WISE [Wales, Ireland, Scotland and England] is our parent organisation and includes the Sensory Project and Through the Senses.

2a182028-4332-4aef-9edb-f782f6cc1188We are a not for profit organisation established in 2017 to provide affordable, accessible hands-on education and CPD about Ayres’ Sensory Integration for occupational therapists, physiotherapists and speech and language therapists across the UK and Ireland.

Our OT Directors are all time served clinicians and have developed and lectured sensory integration courses over many many years through different organisations. Kath Smith and Ros Urwin have also led on the development and application into older adolescent and adult/older adult clinical populations including trauma since 1999 in the UK, supporting and developing this awareness and teaching into Europe and further afield.

We are passionate about ensuring ASI learning remains hands on where it needs to be – to learn essential skills you can’t learn online including for assessment and intervention.


ASI WISE provides a broad range of consultancy, therapeutic and training services about Ayres’ Sensory Integration to individuals as well as the health, education, social, residential and custodial care sector within the UK. We deliver and provide education about Ayres’ Sensory Integration running practical courses and workshops for therapists, teachers and parents. We also offer access to modular training for therapists looking to become Ayres’ Sensory Integration Practitioners.


cropped-sensoryproject_logo-01.jpgAt Sensory Project we are building a community of support, mentoring and collaboration to equip and empower practitioners in Ayres’ Sensory Integration, enabling them to deliver the best possible, evidence-based therapeutic interventions to each individual.

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Through the Senses is providing additional support and information which you can use to help your clients become experts in their own or their child’s sensory development. Our resources can help others to understand personal sensory challenges and preferences and find ways to use sensory strategies to be able to participate more easily in everyday life.

See our growing collection of resources.

See our presentations at RCOT 2018.

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  1. I am a qualified and experienced paediatric OT, have successfully completed SI Module One with The University of Ulster 2013 and am currently working at ExcelChild Norwich under the supervision of Mary Hamilton. I am very interested in completing your M2 online and M3 in Bristol in March 2019.

    I would just like to ask a few questions please, in order to get a better idea of what exactly will be involved in terms of assessment and hours required to complete etc.
    1. Is it feasible/ possible to do M2 between now and March ’19
    2. Re M3, what is the time limit for submission as I have booked a trip to Australia leaving UK mid June ’19 and returning early Aug’19.
    I look forward to learning more about the courses.

  2. Jan 2019. FAO Kate Smith. I was advised of you by Cathy Warne. We are dealing with AN / ASD in a 12 year old girl. We are seeking a Sensory Assessment as nothing currently available via CAMHS / NHS South Devon. A reply with some details to allow a conversation would be great. Thanks.

    1. Hello Mark We only just found this in our spam messages. Do you still wish to email Kath?

  3. Hello Kath,
    I would really appreciate your advice. I received accreditation level one and two with the Sensory Integration Network prior to it being level 2/3 combined. When I completed level two, you could practice SI intervention but many EHCP reports are requesting SI Ulster University Level 3 or equilivant. Would equilivant include the qualifications I already have or do I need to pursue additional training? If I did the ASI training which module should I start from? I have done other training since my SI including attending level one sensory attachment intervention but I don’t feel other training is always recognised
    Kind regards

  4. Hi, sorry, I cannot find a way to contact anyone on this site to ask a couple of questions about your courses.
    I am an O.T and looking to hopefully do the entire set, however when going to the first unit it does not specify time frames- e.g how long the course might take (online in this case) and whether there are time frames of completion. I would be very grateful if you could give me some idea of these.

  5. Hi – I`m an OT who has done level 1 Introductory SI with the SIUK Network . I would like to do one of the ASI courses next but not sure what level to start at – 1 or 2 ?
    Also – why is there such a difference between the prices of level 1 and 2 ? Is it because one is classroom based ?

  6. How do we get in touch with you? we have someone who might benefit from your service buts there is no phone number for you?

  7. Good morning,

    I have just booked an online course for one of our employees, J Roberts, but can’t see you to pay – please advise.

    Thank you.

  8. Hello,

    Myself and my colleague are OTs in the Republic of Ireland and were hoping to enquire about completing ASI modules through your program. I was hoping you might be able to guide us on the logistics of the courses please.

    Is it preferable to do module 1 onsite, taking a more practical approach. If so, are there any upcoming courses scheduled?
    If the modules were completed online, i can’t seem to find the number of hours contact time that would be necessary.

    I would really appreciate any information you could pass on as we need to justify our attendance and have all the details for when we apply for funding through our employer.

    Thanks in advance,

    Catherine Ross

  9. Hi Kath,

    My name is Beccy Farrow and I have recently joined a small independent school in Devon for children who have experienced trauma. Chris West has offered me supervision and I am hoping to enrol on the SAI training in September. A pre requisite for this this course is that I do a ‘level one’ training in Sensory Integration. I can see on your website that you provide an on line training do you offer this training in face to face?
    Is you level one the equivalent to the Sensory Integration education (network) ? I am keen to get on this course as soon as possible so I can progress to the SAI later this year.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Many thanks
    Beccy Farrow

  10. Dear Sir or Madam

    I am an occupational therapist from Malta and i would like to carry out the ASI course M1 – m6. can you provide me with further information such as:
    There are 4 modules that are online and 2 on site, but there is the M1 online theory introduction and M1 TBA theory introduction – are they the same so we choose one or compulsory both of them?
    After completing the 6 modules will i be SI certified?
    Can you provide me with date on when the modules will be carried out and how much each course will cost?
    At the end of each module what type of assessment tool will be used (is it an assignment, exam etc)

  11. Hello
    I am looking for advice about training in ASI. I am currently a non registered O.T following a career break . I wish to return to practice and work in the ( new to me) specialism of Paediatrics, I have years of personally experience having assisted my son who has dyspraxia and am passionate about returning to O.T in this field.
    I have been incredible lucky to find a private paediatric practice happy to supervise me whilst I complete my return to practice study and supervised hours. This practice will then employ me and I will need to complete ASI certification , as all therapists in practice have this.
    I looked at the Ulster course and spoke to the director of learning there but to no available as I completed my O.T training in 1990 when a degree course was not available. I trained at Dorset House and gained the diploma in Occupational therapy.
    The director of the course in Ulster was very clear that I would not qualify to complete the certificate as I had to hold a degree or post graduate degree, it appeared it didn’t matter in what !
    I have spent my career mainly learning through experience and self study, I never felt the need for a degree in order to do this .
    I believe myself to be more than able to complete the course in both educational terms and determination.
    I see that you offer a certification course , would you accept a O.T with the diploma qualification onto this ? Also would completion of the 6 modules allow me to practise ASI with clients.
    The opportunity I have been offered will depend on me being able to become ASI trained .
    I would be so grateful for advice as soon as possible
    kindest regards
    Lara Ross

  12. ho I have done level 1 3 through si , how can I complete your qualification and what level what I need to come in at?

  13. Hello,

    I am contacting you in relation to the M2 online course – I have completed M1 with the sensory integration network. This organisation was mentioned to me as an alternative to the sensory network.

    I am keen to learn more about M2 online and how it works – an outline of the content and start dates during 2019 and how the module is assessed.

    I am a speech and language therapist with a very keen interest in SI and I am looking forward to hearing from you. I am based in Ireland and wondering if or when there are courses held here.

    Best wishes,

  14. Hello,

    I work for AOTI CPD and I am wondering if we could discuss block booking places for the SI module one training? We have funding which we can use to pay for 20 places. My number is 00353857133333 if someone could ring me to discuss further.
    Kind regards
    Orla Foster

  15. Hello
    I have completed module 1 and 2 of the sensory integration course through Ulster university. Is this compatible with what you offer and what of your modules would I need to do to complete my sensory integration training
    thank you

    1. Please email us on hello@asi-wise.org and we can send your more details.

    2. Hello please email hello@asi-wise.org with your question. Thank you

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