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ASI WISE | Ayres’ Sensory Integration Wales, Ireland, Scotland and England our the parent organisation includes the Sensory Project and Through the Senses. ASI WISE provides a broad range of consultancy, therapeutic and training services about Ayres’ Sensory Integration to individuals as well as the health, education, social, residential and custodial care sector within the UK. We deliver and provide education about Ayres’ Sensory Integration running practical courses and workshops for therapists, teachers and parents. We also offer access to modular training for therapists looking to become Ayres’ Sensory Integration Practitioners.

At Sensory Project we are building a community of support, mentoring and collaboration to equip and empower practitioners in Ayres’ Sensory Integration, enabling them to deliver the best possible, evidence-based therapeutic interventions to each individual. Join our community of practicing therapists today.

Through the Senses is providing additional support and information which you can use to help your clients become experts in their own or their child’s sensory development. Our resources can help others to understand personal sensory challenges and preferences and find ways to use sensory strategies to be able to participate more easily in everyday life. See our growing collection of resources.

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