What are they?

Communities of practice are a vital aspect of knowledge management, as they help preserve, develop and innovate the knowledge and skills associated with specific areas. They are committed to developing expertise in the communities respective fields and areas of practice, creating a learning environment that welcomes newcomers.

How do they work?

Communities of practice are a vital contributor to social learning. They play a significant role in connecting relevant stakeholders and projects.

Our Commitment

We recognise and acknowledge that, like any group of people, communities of practice can sometimes lose their focus, become defensive, or develop silos. So we are watchful and mindful, aiming to be aware so that if this happens, we can promote and support a collaborative approach of working together to discover and actively address any issues that may impede our progress and collective vision.

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Join today so that we can work together within our vibrant and active ASI Wise and Sensory Project Communities of Practice continue to thrive and contribute to social learning.

We have a range of membership offers; with related peer and community learning activities.