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Sensory Integration and Mental Health

Yesterday, to a conference in Ireland Kath Smith presented about the journey she started in 1998 when she first treated her first adult in the UK using ASI. The presentation was built on an original one presented at an RCOT Conference in 2003. This journey has been awesome – it is where she met her now colleague and fellow Director of ASI Wise Ros Urwin and was encouraged and mentored by world leaders in ASI, themselves taught by A Jean Ayres. It is more than 20 years since both Ros and Kath started to build on the early research and evidence base publishing their own research, developing tools and resources to support first their own and then the practice of others. They have taught therapists and nursing staff in the UK and across the globe how to work with adults with mental health difficulties with sensory integration challenges. Learn about the application in ASI on our modular programme – ASI Wise CLASI Certification in ASI and our 2-day workshop which explores the application of ASI across the lifespan.

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  2. […] Vestibular processing difficulties are ubiquitous with anxiety – in literature both within and without occupational and physiotherapy eg as in the anxiety seen in vertigo/MH etc. Vestibular processing difficulties can be quite discrete, and less obvious than  “traditional” dyspraxia. This can be why they are sometimes missed. Often people thinking about dyspraxia think about a common interpretation of the term, with a view of the child being very obviously ‘clumsy’.  A dyspraxic pattern on VBIS is often more subtle/discrete, showing up later with difficulties common in organisational skills and feedforward/consequences to actions. Increasingly sensory integration and processing difficulties in both children and adults with very mild differences are identified by occupational therapists working in CAMHS and Mental Health Teams. […]

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