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The Evaluation of Ayres’ Sensory Integration (EASI) Tactile Perception contains tests uses 3D printed materials.

Shapes, Oral (TP:SO) Tactile Perception: Shapes, Oral (TP:SO)

  • One set of 12 items: all made with clear filament

Shapes, Part I (TP:S1) : Tactile Perception: Shapes, Part I (TP:S1) Two sets of shapes each:

  • one complete set of 12 shapes (including two distractors) with black filament
  • one complete set of 10 shapes with blue filament

Shapes, Part II (TP:S2) Tactile Perception: Shapes, Part II (TP:S2). Two sets of shapes each:

  • one complete set of 17 shapes (including two distractors) with green filament
  • one complete set of 14 shapes with yellow/orange filament

We have made a bulk purchase to be able to offer the best possible price to UK and Irish Therapists who want to own their own set of these pieces. This price is the price shipped to a UK/Ireland location from the UK.

If you are purchasing EASI 3D tactile pieces outside of the UK, additional Custom’s charges may be applicable.

VAT has been paid on the original purchase from an approved EASI 3D Shapes printer in Croatia.

Please note your shipping address should allow for safe, signed for delivery.

The final version of the EASI may or may not contain all of these test items, pending the international normative data collection project results.