FREE MasterClass Series #2 with Dr Roseann Schaaf


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A Master Class Series with Dr Roseann Schaaf, PhD., OTR/L, FAOTA

Professor, Director, Jefferson Autism Center of  Excellence.

2 hour online sessions on advanced topics related to clinical practice .

A recorded lecture followed by an interactive discussion where Dr Schaaf will provide provocative inquiry, with the opportunity to submit your questions across the series prior to each session.

This webinar is Webinar #2 in the Schaaf Master Class Series :

Taking data-driven decision making to the next level – the interactive and iterative process of using DDDM

The full Series features the following webinars, which can all be bought independently:

1. July 18, 2023 The SenITA study – an in-depth analysis of the findings

2. September 19, 2023: Taking data-driven decision-making to the next level- the interactive and iterative process of using DDDM

3. November 21, 2023: From action to interaction – how sensory integration provides a basis for social interaction

4. January 16, 2024: A parent guidebook for use during ASI

5. March 5, 2024: Phenotypic Patterns of Sensory Integration in Autism and ADHD.

6. March 19, 2024: Sensory-Based Interventions: Neurobiology, Evidence and Responsible Use

7. April 16, 2024: using Goal Attainment Scaling as an outcome measure – advanced practices

8. May 7, 2024: Linking goals to participation-based outcomes in children with autism and sensory features

9. June 18, 2024: Application of ASI: Analysis and discussion of individual cases submitted by participants prior

10. July 30, 2024: Sensory integration: impact on the neuro developmental trajectory of autism