Words Matter



Sensory and Occupational Therapy (other AHP’s too!) – Why describing better what we do counts.

January 15th 2024 – 7pm – 9pm UK time

At ASI Wise, we are passionate about supporting therapists learning and application into clinical practice. Our history speaks for itself, with Kath having led some of the earliest online and later Facebook Groups for therapists and parents via Sensory Project, before sharing these communities with a national organisation. During COVID-19 we were again ready to respond with Coffee & Chat, Sensory Stuck at Home and Sensory Ladders free to anyone anywhere.

Join us on 15 January 2024 to explore the terms we use, the geography and lay of the land of services described as “sensory” in the UK and Ireland, and what this does and doesn’t do for our professions.

Let’s find ways to tell others about what we do and in ways that work for everyone. This means that we can be clear about the similarities and differences in a positive manner that enhances our professional reputation, sharing our profession’s long history in this area and how we have the knowledge and skills to practice, across the lifespan and using careful descriptions of our varied ways of doing this.

We will send out a consultation and review survey to gather views over the Christmas period, ready for this meeting in January.