We are delighted to announce that Module 3 (and Module 6) have now gone online in a live interactive format. Get your internationally approved certification in Ayres’ SI.

For therapists learning Ayres’ SI during and just post-COVID-19 while travel remains tricky, we are offering this liver interactive face to face learning virtually, working with world experts in Ayres’ SI ensuring we can continue to meet ICEASI standards for sensory integration education while socially distancing.

Module 3 deepens therapist learning about Ayres SI and the sensory systems, learning about these in detail across a range of different assessment tools – including ideas about how to adapt the SIPT and Ayres’ Clin Obs for adult clinical populations. 

We will explore both the SIPT and EASI – thinking about each test within these test batteries, considering how individual tests are similar and different, how they relate to each other and what they can tell us about how these tests relates to sensory challenges  impacting on participation in everyday life. We explore ways to assess clients who cannot complete standardised assessment, including applying this new learning to unstructured clinical observations and ways to capture this data. 


Learn more about new tools in development including changes to the SPM, and the FLIQ (Family Life Impact Questionnaire) currently being researched as part of te EASI Project. We consider a wide range of tools, their use clinically including the Adult Adolescent Sensory History

Kath Smith and the team at ASI Wise will guide you through this learning over 4 days, where you will work with others online, complete practical activities via Zoom and at home, so that you are supported to consider how to provide comprehensive assessment, even while socially distanced.

We will also introduce you to ASI assessment via telehealth in our post-module weekly live tutor groups on gotomeeting.

To book please visit www.sensoryproject.org/shop