Although, as Directors, we represent ASI Wise, we have as EASI region and country leads, tried as far as was possible, to create an independent space for anyone wanting to be involved in the EASI, using our links and connections across different organisations to promote sign up and participation from July 2018. We believe we have tried to publicise information about the EASI and EASI INDC project as widely as possible.

We understand that therapists feel frustrated when we advise them about the EASI Conversion offer, as it may feel as if they need to repeat the work already completed on other modules. ASI Wise cannot comment on what another organisation chooses to include or not in their programme.

Our ASI Wise programme has been developed to meet the training needs of Occupational Therapists, including teaching described by ICEASI and a basic minimum standard for education in Ayres’ Sensory Integration. Please see

ASI Wise, as an Occupational Therapy, led Board, was established to and has remained committed to providing internationally accredited quality education in Ayres’ Sensory Integration for Occupational Therapists across the Uk and Ireland. This includes the option for delegates to register for their MSc in Advancing Practice with Ulster University. 
Possibly this might help you understand our reasons for, as ex-Directors of SI Network, establishing ASI Wise.

Please do see the following advice on our partner CLASI’s website.

CLASI was founded by world experts Dr. Zoe Mailloux and Dr. Susanne Smith Roley, both of whom were taught by Dr. Ayres.

Sign-up to the EASI was possible from July 2018, until Ethics was frozen in early March 2020. You can read more on our website:

We did try to share this information with everyone via our networks and the EASI British Idles and Country and Region Leads. This included members of the boards of both ASI Wise and SI Education.

We have reinforced the message on the joining form which was posted on 1 August 2021

“The United Kingdom EASI International Normative Data Collection Project is now closed for sign up by therapists in the United Kingdom. If you would like more information about the EASI and how to covert your SIPT learning to the EASI (SIN SI2/3 pre-2017) or learn the EASI to supplement your learning about assessment please see our website” 

We have now added the following at the very beginning of the form – doing this after a call with a concerned therapist wanting to learn the EASI. We have tried to ensure others are aware of this should they try to sign up.

“EASI INDC PROJECT ETHICS FROZEN DUE TO COVID. Non-essential research has been stooped until further notice. In the meantime, if you are interested in learning more about progress towards the publication of the EASI and live in the UK or Ireland please visit”

Click here for more about our EASI Conversion Pathway.

Please make inquiries about this here:

We can, with confidence re-assure you that the learning with ASI Wise is led by world experts, and it will deepen your understanding of the constructs of Ayres’ SI, with live, in real-time learning and tutor support, so any investment in the EASI Conversion would only enhance your practice, while also giving you access to the printed EASI testing sheets and scoring platform.

The price includes unlimited access to our Assessment Tutor Groups. 

How can I compare the ASI Wise CLASI CASI and Ulster University MSc modules 1 – 3, to other certificates or training programs in sensory integration?
While we cannot evaluate or represent other programs, we are happy to describe ours. Our program core is the CLASI CASI certification which was developed by Zoe Mailloux, OTD, OTR/L, FAOTA, and Susanne Smith Roley, OTD, OTR/L, FAOTA both of whom were students of Dr. A. Jean Ayres.

They are committed to following her tradition of excellence and research in practice. Course materials are derived from Ayres’ original publications and subsequent research in basic and applied science related to sensation and its impact on human function. In addition, ASI Wise and CLASI instructors are lecturers with in-depth knowledge in the areas of ASI and include first- and second-generation students of Dr. Ayres.

The instructors have national and international experience in presentations of information on ASI and expertise in ASI research, education, and practice. In addition, ASI Wise CLASI instructors have extensive experience delivering Ayres’ Sensory Integration across the lifespan including for adolescents, adults, and older adults within mental health and learning disability services. These instructors have been instrumental in the innovation and practice of Ayres’ Sensory Integration beyond childhood, delivering tools and methods of intervention, now shared across the globe.

CLASI is a founding member of the International Council for Education (ICEASI) in Ayres Sensory Integration®️, an organization that aims to provide global standards for education and training in ASI.

Below are some useful Youtube videos and additional resources:
Ayres’ Sensory Integration in Mental Health with application across the lifespan |
ASIWise CLASI Certification Ayres Sensory Integration | Ulster University MSc Advancing Practice |

ASI Wise Community of Practice

ASI Wise has continued a tradition of building a Community of Practice across the UK and Ireland to support therapists while learning Ayres’ Sensory Integration and then post-certification, with a range of opportunities for continuing professional development.

Please find below links to some of our Community of Practice activities. To join, including for access our Telegram groups supporting clinical practice across the lifespan and learning about the EASI, please do join our Community of Practice. [Membership is not restricted to where you have completed your training. ] 
Coffee & Chat 

This is hosted on a Wednesday at 19:30.  There is no cost to join in live with us weekly, to explore current topics of interest specific to practice, with an opportunity to answer questions in real-time.  

Telegram interactive chat groups (including special interest)

While Coffee & Chat are live, our Community of Practice is also active on Telegram (an encrypted messaging service similar to WhatsApp).  To join our Telegram groups, you will first need to download the App at  

We have a space for the EASI on FB too;

Sensory Ladders

ASI Wise and the Sensory Project sponsor Sensory Ladders | anyone | anywhere | anytime, a free resource for anyone interested in sensory integration and processing and self-regulation.  Please find a link to the website where you can sign up for free webinars and access a range of resources for practice.  Please feel free to share this link with parents and or therapists who may benefit from this resource:

CLASI free webinars

Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us here.