Ros Urwin (She/ Her)

Director | Instructor | Tutor

Ros is a Director of a private practice in the New Forest, England, where she works as part of an integrated education and therapy practice, for young people who have Autism. Ros completed her MSc (Rehabilitation Science) at Southampton University in 2003. Published in the British Journal of Occupational Therapy in 2005, she explored the effectiveness of Sensory Integrative Therapy on five adults with learning disabilities and sensory modulation disorders.

Ros’ Sensory Integration (SI) journey began when working with adults with profound intellectual disabilities and mental health problems in the 1990s. In 2007, Ros and Kath Smith collaborated on and co-wrote the first SI1 Master’s module for application with adult clients. Since then teaching the application of ASI across the lifespan and workshops and on  SI2/3. This was taught as part of the MSc in Sensory Integration, with support and mentoring from international colleagues. 

Ros has worked for over 30 years in the NHS, in Dorset and Hampshire, becoming Professional OT Lead and Head OT for Intellectual Disabilities (children & adult services). Ros presents at national and international conferences, to occupational therapists and others.Ros is the EASI Lead for England. Ros has mentored therapists and rated Fidelity for the Cardiff University NIHR SENITA Study, exploring the application of Ayres’ Sensory Integration for children with Autism.

Over the years, Ros has and continues to provide supervision and mentoring to colleagues, staff and students. In recent years, Ros’ commitment to ensuring young people have access to occupational therapy and sensory integration, has led to her volunteering with a local charity, working alongside UK and Romanian students and Romanian volunteers on summer projects with disadvantaged young people with disabilities. Her travels to Romania supporting OT students as part of pre-registration experience, has ensured students have returned enthusiastic about learning more about Ayres Sensory Integration.

Ros is a founding Director of ASI Wise was established in 2017 to deliver Ayres’ Sensory Integration education, including for occupational therapists in the UK and Ireland. ASI Wise delivers the CLASI Certification in Ayres’ Sensory Integration programme and has membership of ICEASI.

Ros’ role within leadership in the NHS is reflected in her determined input and contribution to the development of sustainable education programmes that are fit for purpose. She has remained committed to ensuring Occupational Therapists have access to the very best educational opportunities for learning about Ayres Sensory Integration; creating therapists well equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills for evidence based practice.